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Specialty Care

Puppy and Kitten Check-Ins
$30 (30-minute visit)

Are you the proud parent of a new puppy or kitten? Concerned about leaving your new family member at home during the day while you are away at work?


Chasing Tails puppy and kitten check-ins are an ideal option for providing your new pet with the extra care they often need during those first few weeks when no one is home.


From feeding to playing, supervising an outside toilet break or cleaning up any ‘accidents’ that have happened, our puppy and kitten check-ins take the worry out of leaving your newest family member alone during the day.

Senior Pet
$30 (30-minute visit)

Do you have a senior pet who could use some companionship, cuddles or extra care during the day?

Chasing Tails senior check-ins provide a quick stop by to see how your beloved pet is doing.

Whether it be cuddles, assistance with a toilet break, providing a small meal or some medication, our senior check-ins are designed to help you take care of your pet during their twilight years.

Post-Operative and Recovery Care Check-Ins

$30 (30-minute visit)

Has your pet recently undergone surgery or been unwell? Would you like some support during the day while you are at work to ensure they are cared for?

Chasing Tails post-operative and recover care check-ins ensure your pet receives the attention they need through the recovery phase until they are back on all four paws.

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